Your support means the world to Lalita and Rami!

We are thrilled to have you in the Operation Eyesight family! You’ve changed the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable children, women and men in the world. We hope you continue to help these people as a proud Operation Eyesight Supporter in 2019 and beyond!

People like Lalita need your help so desperately.

Lalita is a single mom with a young son, Rami. She was worried about her eye condition, but she couldn’t afford to seek medical help, and she didn’t know where to go. She was also very worried about what would happen to her son if she didn’t survive her condition. She felt completely helpless.

If the community health worker (CHW) had not helped Lalita, she would certainly have died. Rami, her young son, would’ve been destitute, without anyone to care for him.

CHWs, employed by our partners through our Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Program model, do so much for the people in their communities. In Lalita’s case, the CHW identified her condition, got her the help she needed at Nepal Eye Hospital and arranged for Rami’s care in case his mother didn’t survive. Lalita would’ve had no hope if that CHW had never knocked on her door.

It’s because of the work of these CHWs that we have been able to declare 1,010 villages (and counting) free of avoidable blindness! These workers diligently visit every single household in their district, ensuring that every person who has avoidable blindness gets the intervention they need. They change the lives of individuals and families, like Lalita and Rami. But they also transform entire communities, that thrive as they become better educated and empowered to take care of their own eye health!

And none of this would have been possible without someone like YOU!

Because of you, Lalita was given a diagnosis and treatment that has put her on the path to healing, allowing her to survive to care for Rami, and to see him grow up. She has renewed hope for the future for herself and her son!

There are so many others like Lalita and Rami who desperately need your help.

An estimated 253 million people around the world live with visual impairment, but 80 percent suffer from conditions that could be prevented or cured. Working with local partners to create sustainable eye care, Operation Eyesight helps these people get the treatment they need.

Please donate today to ensure this sustainable, sight-saving work continues. The gift of sight is the gift of hope — and often, life!