By providing access to clean water, you prevent blinding trachoma and transform lives!

Please donate now to bring clean water and a healthier future to a family in Zambia!

Sergio is a father of five living in a remote village in Zambia. At an Operation Eyesight-organized eye camp, Sergio was diagnosed with trachoma. Trachoma is a blinding disease that causes the eyelid to turn inward and the eyelashes to scratch the cornea. It’s extremely painful, and if left untreated, it leads to irreversible blindness.

Trachoma is spread by ineffective hygiene and sanitation practices. Many families in developing countries have limited access to clean water, causing them to suffer from frequent digestive illnesses, and making them vulnerable to bacterial diseases such as trachoma.

To address this issue, the World Health Organization recommends the SAFE strategy: Surgery, Antibiotics, Face-washing and Hygiene, and Environmental Improvement. Thanks to YOU, when Sergio visited the eye camp in his village, he received the antibiotics needed to treat his infection. If his condition had been more advanced, he would have been referred to a hospital for surgery.

Your support also funds programs that provide fresh water to communities that desperately need it. These programs drill new boreholes, maintain and rehabilitate existing ones, train and equip local villagers to maintain and repair the boreholes, and educate communities on the importance of good hygiene and eye health. The training and education protects the sustainability of these sanitation programs and empowers communities to proudly take control of their own resources and health care. The drilling and maintenance of these boreholes provides water for more effective face-washing and hygiene, and provides an environmental improvement to address a community’s need for clean water.

Thanks to generous donors like you, Sergio’s community now has the water to support one of the largest schools in the district, with 220 children attending from 18 surrounding villages. Your support provided clean water for a community that is now thriving!

Please donate today and bring education and clean water to a family like Sergio’s, before blinding trachoma becomes a reality for them.

In the past, this mother would have trekked long distances to bring her family water that may have been contaminated. Now she has a clean source of water for her family, right in her community!