Partner with Operation Eyesight Through Your CSR Program

Invest in Operation Eyesight to give back to the global community!

We believe in creating maximum impact for every act of kindness. That’s why, like you, we work to ensure that every dollar invested in our projects results in sustainable change in the lives of our fellow global citizens.

Our approach to fighting blindness is multipronged. We begin by partnering with local hospitals and training local women to become community health workers. People in developing countries often find eye care inaccessible because of distance, cost or the lack of trained eye care professionals. Thanks to donors like you, we’re bringing eye care into the community.

Community health workers conduct door-to-door surveys, screening entire families for eye health problems and referring those who need help to a hospital or vision centre. Children, women and men receive quality eye care services such as eye exams, fittings for prescription eyeglasses and sight-restoring surgeries. Those who can’t afford to pay are treated for free, thanks to our partners’ cost-recovery programs in which paying customers subsidize the cost for the poor.

We currently work in India, Nepal, Ghana, Kenya and Zambia, and we have plans to expand to other Asian and African countries soon.

Contact Lynne Nieman at or 403-283-6323 to learn how your company can partner with us to prevent blindness and restore sight!

When you invest in Operation Eyesight, you’re investing in a top charity and creating a huge impact!

Be confident that your company’s investment will make a real difference in the lives of those in need – For All The World To See!