Evans has a brighter future because of someone like you!

Evans’s grandmother is so proud of his dedication to school, now that his life has been transformed thanks to our donors!

Please donate now to bring hope to another child like Evans.

Evans, a 17-year-old boy who lives in the Ekumfi district of central Ghana, had a difficult childhood. His parents abandoned him at age seven to live with his grandmother, and at 11 years of age, he began to lose his vision.

In a few years, his vision became poor enough that he needed help just to move around his small house. He couldn’t read or write. His hope for the future was bleak.

A nurse from one of our partner hospitals visited Evans’s school to conduct a vision screening, and referred him to see an optometrist at the hospital. There he was diagnosed with a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, and with the support of someone like YOU, he was provided with prescription eyeglasses and a magnifier.

Thanks to our generous donors, Evans is once again able to read and write! After two years of being unable to do either, he has restored hope for a bright future now that he can SEE again!

 Please donate today, and help a child like Evans get back to school. For All The World To See!