Ghana: 2015 highlights
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After receiving cataract surgery to restore her sight, Janet was able to return to her job at a salt mine in Ghana. “I never thought I’d be able to see clearly again,” she says. “Thank you to the doctor and all the Operation Eyesight donors who are helping the poor and needy!”

Last week we highlighted our work in India. This week, we’re excited to tell you about the great work our donors made possible in Ghana in 2015. For more 2015 highlights, you can read our newly-released Report to Donors. And be sure check back here for more updates on Kenya and Zambia in the coming weeks.

In addition to supporting over 8,000 eye surgeries, building capacity was a large part of our work in Ghana in 2015. We helped provide professional development opportunities and eye health training to over 800 health care workers, and organized workshops to train ophthalmic nurses to work with hospital equipment.

We also formed a partnership with the Himalayan Cataract Project, an American eye health INGO. This collaboration has already helped strengthen Operation Eyesight operations in Ghana and reduced our project cost by providing surgical equipment and consumables to supplement what we already had.

Thanks to funding from our partner Seeing is Believing, our staff worked with a local communications agency to develop print advertisements and television commercials that build awareness of avoidable blindness. (Click here to watch our cataract awareness commercial.) Along with public meetings, these awareness campaigns have already encouraged numerous people living in our target districts to seek eye health services. Due in large part to increased public awareness, our team noted an increase in eye surgeries in our operational areas during 2015.








Thank you to our donors for making this sight-saving work possible! To ensure our work in countries like Ghana continues, please consider making a gift through our online Gift Guide. Every gift, no matter the size, can make an incredible difference in the lives of others!