Who Cares?
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Who cares about preventing blindness? We do, and we know you do too!

Today, the second Thursday of October, is World Sight Day…  a day when countries around the world mark an international day of awareness about avoidable blindness. This year, we’re celebrating by unveiling a new animated video, “Who Cares?” in honour of our upcoming 50th anniversary.


To create the video, we were delighted to work with the talented animators and storytellers at Umbrella Pro, Alana Thorburn-Watt and Levente Kovacs. If the names sound familiar, they created our first animated video, “See This?” for World Sight Day 2011. We were thrilled with the result!

Levente told me, “Creating the video for Operation Eyesight’s 50th anniversary was a great honour. We take pride in developing this animated video for an organization built up of wonderful individuals all dedicated to helping those less fortunate. We hope to expose Operation Eyesight to a greater audience and show people that major world problems can be solved by caring for the greater good of the community.”

He added, “Giving back and sharing our success with others will only spread optimism and prosperity throughout the world. Together we can create a world and a legacy that we wish to leave behind for future generations.” We couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Levente and Alana for your enthusiasm and creativity.

We’d love to hear what you think about the video; please add a comment at the end. Feel free to share it via Twitter, Facebook or other social media!

World Sight Day is momentous for Operation Eyesight in another way: we opened a new eye hospital, the Ophthalmology Centre at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. What will this new hospital mean to Zambians? Learn more.