A child’s brush with blindness
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Growing up, my two kids were prone to the usual childhood mishaps… scraped knees, bumped heads, sprained wrists, even the odd black eye. Fortunately, their eye injuries were rare and never vision-threatening.

In Africa, however, I saw children with eye traumas caused by large razor-like acacia thorns, sharp splinters of firewood, poorly-aimed rocks and sticks thrown at animals… even misdirected footballs.

I met four-year old Ian in Kenya’s Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, where this appealing little fellow was recovering from an injury that almost cost him the sight in one eye. Watch his story on the following video photo essay.

And parents, you can help ensure your children’s eyes are protected from trauma by supplying well-fitted safety equipment during sports and recreational activities. Visit the University of Rochester (NY)’s Medical Centre for some useful eye safety tips.