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Friends. Family. Hopes. Hobbies. These are the elements that make up our everyday lives. And as much as we sometimes take them for granted, what if something took them all away?

Young Indian boy with cross eye receives corrective surgery through Operation Eyesight
Abdul, shown here, felt lonely and cried often. He wondered if he’d ever be able to pursue his dreams. Abdul’s parents worried about his future.

This is what happened to Abdul, an 11-year-old boy who lives in Hyderabad, India. Abdul is like many 11-year-olds: he likes to spend time with his friends; he loves art; he dreams of being a doctor. But all of that was at risk because of an eye condition he was born with — a condition called strabismus, also known as crossed eyes.

Because of his eyes, Abdul was bullied at school. And since his condition made it difficult to read books or see the chalkboard, he had poor grades. He could find no solace in his hobbies either, because although he liked to paint, his poor vision prevented him from even drawing straight lines. He felt lonely and cried often. Even more disheartening: his strabismus was getting worse.

Abdul’s future was bleak.

It may not be evident to you and me, but in many places in developing countries, sight is life. In places like South Asia and Africa, millions of people don’t have access to eye health care or can’t afford to pay for it. That was the situation for Abdul’s family.

But thanks to someone like you, his story has a happy ending!

Abdul was found by a community health worker from Pushpagiri Eye Hospital. The worker was going door-to-door looking for people like Abdul. Although Abdul’s parents were reluctant to seek treatment for their son and worried about the cost, the worker convinced them to bring Abdul to a local vision centre, about four kilometres away. There, Abdul was assessed by the ophthalmic staff and referred to the hospital for eye surgery. Today, he can see clearly!

Abdul’s sight has been restored, but there are millions like him who need your help. Here, a community health worker, like the one who first found Abdul, checks a patient for eye problems.

None of that would have been possible without generous people like yourself.

The health worker was trained by Operation Eyesight, in partnership with the eye hospital. These workers are part of our model of community eye health. So is the vision centre, a permanent and modern ophthalmic facility located in a convenient location.

And all of this is thanks to the kindness shown by donors like you. Abdul’s surgery didn’t cost the family anything. It was paid for by patients of the hospital, where those who can afford to pay subsidize the surgery of those who can’t.

And because we’ve helped the hospital and vision centre get to a point where they can sustain these services on their own, many more children like Abdul will receive sight-saving treatment, for generations to come!

We’ve already accomplished so much. Since 1963, Operation Eyesight has been restoring sight and preventing blindness around the world. Thanks to our supporters, we’ve given the gift of sight to millions of people.

And we’re not done yet!

An estimated 253 million people around the world live with some kind of visual impairment, but 80 percent have conditions that could be prevented or cured. By working with local hospital to create sustainable eye care, Operation Eyesight helps these people get the treatment they need. But we need your help to continue.

Please invest in our sustainable, sight-saving work. The gift of sight is the gift of hope — and often, life!

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